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Devon Grousis


Last week, riders from across the world competed in the MXON (Motocross of Nations) event for ps4, hosted by a growing community of members on Instagram called MX vs. Atv All Out Tournaments PS4″, which can be found HERE on Instagram. The most recent tournament saw 13 teams of 3 riders sign up, but only 6 could qualify! The qualifying teams were Team USA (theobservr tin_man_92 jberggren99) , Team France (zdedichh xxreverse123card cyogenic), Team Australia (yungboink konnors_ critto), Team Germany(reflexxer19 Juicy_j_13 b-daily11), Team Great Britain (MX_GOOSEY74 VORTEX_2121 THEO99MX) And Team Africa (shaneb501 pothead_131 travtree).

The tournament format called for 3 main races: race 1 was MX1 (450cc only) + MX2 (250f and 125cc only), race 2 was MX2 + MX OPEN (450cc and 250 2 strokes only) and race 3 was MX1+MX OPEN. Each race consisted of 15 laps at the Pro Motocross Championship DLC track RedBud.

A message from If you’re interested in joining our next tournament you can sign up at our Playstation Network community page or go to our Instagram “MVA_ALLOUT_TOURNAMENTS_PS4”. When you see our signup posts, all you have to do is comment your gamertag in the post and you’re all set!

– Tinman

For those of you interested in joining XBOX tournamnets, you can view tournaments and signup on instagram at MXERSFACTORYXBOX or at their website


The USA riders theobservr tin_man_92 and _jberggren99 came out victorious and took home the gold! The French riders zdedichh, xxreverse123card and cyogenic came in a close 2nd giving team USA a very good fight for the win. Team Great Britain riders MX_GOOSEY74, VORTEX_2121 and theo99mx  had a tough go at qualifying but they prevailed and came out swinging to achieve a top 3!

Coming into race 1 (MX1+MX2) team USA had high expectations as they made a team sweep in qualifying earlier in the day but the french MX1 rider zdedichh wasnt going to make it easy for them.  The gate drops and it was the British MX1 rider MX_GOOSEY74 and the American mx2 rider tin_man_92 up front. Goosey fell back a few positions and Tinman made a huge mistake falling back in the pack to work his way up to third but the American MX1 rider theobservr picked up the slack and ran away with the lead with the Frenchman zdedichh following in second!  As theobservr started to check out from the field with a 15+ second lead the American MX2 rider tinman made up ground on the Frenchman zdedichh for second.  As tinman got closer and showed zdedichh a wheel the french rider picked up the paste and started to put ground on the American.  As the MX1 french rider zdedichh and the MX2 American rider tinman were battling it out for second,  the Australian MX1 rider yungboink made up some ground stalking the battle for second.  Unfortunately for the Australian yungboink,  he made a few costly mistakes and couldn’t reel in the American tinman for that podium finish for team Australia.   In the end,  it was the American theobservr who came out with a dominant victory,  the french rider zdedichh coming in second,  and the American MX2 rider tinman in 3rd!

Race 2 (MX2+MX OPEN) the Americans jberggren99 the MX OPEN rider and tin_man_92 the MX2 rider had a good start and had the early lead, but the MX2 rider tinman wasn’t as strong as his first moto and fell back a few positions with the German MX2 rider Juicy_j_13 who was charging to the front of the pack!  The American MX2 rider tinman tried to answer back and battled with the German rider for a couple laps, but he soon started making costly mistakes and lost touch with the German MX2 rider Juicy_j_13.  The french MX OPEN rider cyogenic had a bad start but made a charge to the front to catch and pass the American MX OPEN rider jberggren99.  Jberggren99 latched on to cyogenic and stalked him through out the whole race waiting for the french rider cyogenic to make a mistake.  Jberggren99 was running out of time and cyogenic was running perfectly, hardly making any mistakes.  The white flag came out and jberggren99 flipped the switch to make a charge at cyogenic and made the pass on the last lap for the win!!  The top 3 for race 2 is the American MX OPEN rider jberggren99 in first, the french MX OPEN RIDER in Cyogenic in 2nd, and the German MX2 rider Juicy_j_13 in 3rd!

Race 3 (MX1+MX OPEN) the American MX OPEN rider jberggren99 couldnt make race 3, so all the pressure was on theobservr to make it happen for team USA…. The gate drops and it was the french MX1 rider zdedichh and the American MX1 theobservr that pulled a good start, but problems started up for the American theobservr falling back to 5th with the french rider cyogenic working his way up from the pack and trying to battle their way up to the front together.  As the french and the American riders battled,  the German MX1 rider Reflexxer19 had a break through ride and came back from 11th to catch zdedichh! The battle was on for first,  the German MX1 rider was hungry for the moto win but the French MX1 rider was trying everything he could for team France for a chance to win the gold.  As the first place battle was heated,  the American MX1 rider theobservr and the french MX1 rider cyogenic were duking it out for third!  The french rider cyogenic knew he had to charge to the front for team France to have a chance to steal the gold away from the Americans, and tried everything he could to get away from the American theobservr but couldn’t shake him.  Theobservr was applying pressure to cyogenic and forced him to make a mistake and passed him for third!  It wasn’t over though,  the Frenchman MX OPEN rider cyogenic flipped a switch to make a charge to catch back up to the American theobservr.  Cyogenic returned the pressure onto theobservr and forced a mistake out of the American to get back that 3rd place position.  As the race comes close to the end,  the battle for first was still heated!  The German MX1 rider Reflexxer19 and the Frenchman MX1 rider zdedichh kept going back and forth for the lead.  With only a couple laps to go, the German rider was pushing as hard as he can for that moto win but unfortunately he made a huge mistake and went down hard.  The French MX1 rider had a clear track and came out victorious for team France.   In the end,  it was the french MX1 rider zdedichh in first,  the German MX1 rider Reflexxer19 in second,  and the french MX OPEN rider cyogenic in 3rd.  Fortunately the American MX1 rider theobservr had to get 4th or better to secure the gold for team USA!

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