v.2.9.1 Community Update Patch

Devon Grousis



DLC Content

  • 2019 AMA Pro Motocross Championship
    • Ironman Raceway
    • Small performance improvements
    • General visual quality improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed terrain textures in Spring Creek freeride areas
  • Fixed spectator cameras in Loretta Lynns
  • Fixed first person camera jitter after pausing the game

Updates and Improvements

  • Smoothed erratic shifting for auto transmission for most tuning setups
  • Tuned wrecks when landing on objects (haybales, fences, banners, etc)
  • Tuned wrecks when colliding with opponents
  • Tuned camera shake in first person
  • Improved camera collision with objects
  • Added logic to help AI get back on track more cautiously
  • Tuned terrain deformation on several 2019 AMA Pro Motocross Tracks

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