v2.3 Community Update Patch

Mike Mamula


Racers to the staging area, start your downloads. The free community patch is out now!

You’ve been practicing, running laps with your friends all in preparation to take on the world! Global leaderboards are now LIVE! Log your fastest lap times and see where you rank. Can you make the top 100 leaderboards?

Prefer to race for wins instead? Line up against the all new, improved, and blistering fast AI. Can you remain consistent and podium in the 450 Supercross series?

Need a break from the competition? Hit up the Goat Farm and Freeride at night under the lights or get an early morning sunrise practice sesh in on the National track. There are multiple times of day to experience each time you visit the Goat Farm. Early morning ruts form quicker and get deeper than the late afternoons dry track conditions that will hold up better to long motos. You can expect to see this feature in future DLC, and outdoor environments.

Finally we heard your protests and investigated reports of people running a non-regulation transmission. The manual transmission exploit has been fixed and you can be sure when you line up everyone has passed tech inspection. This was especially important to me, as someone who races on XBOX1. In order to make sure there was a level playing field for the brand new fresh Global Leaderboard Rankings, we made sure that there is no way to exploit the manual transmission anymore.


Mike Mamula
Lead Designer



  • Fixed manual transmission exploit that allowed engine to over-accelerate
  • Fixed bug where transmission would not downshift after a reset


  • Overhauled AI to be more competitive on ALL TIME difficulty
  • Re-balanced all difficulty levels
  • Added Pierce Brown AI rider
  • Added Taylor Heiman AI rider
  • Assign more MX125 riders to ALL TIME difficulty to fill a full gate
  • Fix on some AI riders that had corrupt data causing them to be disabled


  • All leaderboards have been reset
  • Implemented true GLOBAL leaderboard rankings
  • Implemented TOP 100 leaderboards rankings
  • Player is now highlighted in list

Tracks and Environments

  • Enabled ‘Time of Day Lighting’ scenarios for GOAT FARM DLC
  • Added reset function in certain areas to prevent track cutting
  • Enabled pan/tilt/zoom controls on spectator cams
  • Fixed bug where players were reset on the wrong side of the finish line


  • Minor changes/fixes


  • Performance improvements

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