v2.4 Community Update Patch

Mike Mamula


This is the performance patch you have all been waiting for! v2.4 is LIVE!

In this update we made some big engine-side changes to optimize performance to ensure smooth and constant frame rates – in some cases you can expect a 7-10 FPS increase! To make this possible, all outdoor environments received an optimization pass where it mattered most – when to detect collisions. Before collision volumes were detected way too far in advance, which bogged down the CPU. Collisions are now detected within a closer proximity to your vehicle, which leaves more horsepower to render more frames per second.

In addition to the increased frame rate, this change left some bandwidth to properly render audio when collisions happen. Before when the frame rate would dip, it was possible that impact and engine sounds would cut out for that frame. Audio is important to provide sensory feedback to make the gameplay feel more accurate. This is especially true in a racing game where you need to listen to your engine, feel your tire traction, and anticipate an opponent trying to pass you from behind. With this change the audio channels were re-balanced to ensure you are hearing the right balance of engine and FX. You can of course further refine the audio levels in the settings menu.

Speaking of audio levels, the 4-strokes received some EQ polish. We wanted the engines to sound more aggressive – to have more BARK. The EQ polish brought out some low-end sounds of the 450s and more mid-to-high end range for the 250f, which falls right in line to where those engines produce the most horsepower. As always, we would like your feedback on this change, and we plan to address the 2-stroke engine audio in the future.

The final change in v2.4 was, once again, brought on largely by community feedback. That is with the ground physics – specifically the “bounciness” of the physics over bumps and when turning. Physics can be a touchy area, as not everyone agrees what should stay as-is and what should change. But the bounciness is one thing most of our community agrees should be softened up. Tracks still deform and get rough as before; bumps and ruts are still a challenge, but you can expect less of the harsh bounce or kick you get when you are not perfectly lined up or anticipating to get kicked around. As a result, the bike’s connection to the terrain is much more predictable and consistent. This type of change will be an ongoing process to address community feedback on physics and handling.

While I have your attention, now is a good time to discuss some plans for 2019. ALL OUT is not going anywhere in 2019 and we are going to keep the updates coming out strong. Early 2019 will see another community update. I don’t want to spoil much, but some new content and features will be added – all in a free update. But one thing you can expect is an overhaul to the vehicle tuning physics. We want the tuning to really have an impact on your experience. Currently the tuning is very subjective – you have to have a refined sense of how each vehicle handles to notice much impact. And even then most players don’t favor one tune over the other. The next community update is going to change the way you set your bike up, possibly on track-by-track basis for the ultra-competitive racers.

Hometown MX DLC will become available Wed. December 19. Hometown MX brings you 4 realistic National tracks in 2 environments (2 tracks per environment) plus an 8 moto series with all the rough deformation, competitive AI, Time of Day variations, and tons of extra Freeride elements you’ve come to expect. I’ll see you on the starting gate!

That’s all for now. Here are the detailed patch notes for v2.4.


Mike Mamula
Lead Designer

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Audio bug where collisions would not trigger
  • Fixed Audio bug where impact sounds spawned behind the camera/listener
  • Fixed bug where Time Trial spline would reset player in incorrect location

Quality of life Summary

  • Improved Frame rate and game performance
  • Improved ground physics handling; reduced bounciness on rough terrain
  • Improved Audio channel balancing
  • Improved Audio collision response

Game-wide frame-rate improvements

  • reduced number of physics components on AI vehicles
  • optimized object collision geometry
  • instanced repeating objects in some scenes
  • optimized outdoor environments
  • improved/added LOD’s on some objects
  • Fixed Issue regarding landscape collision LODs in outdoor environments
  • Set defined bounds for collision
  • Removed jersey flap from AI

Improvements to audio quality

  • remixed SFX and Engine audio channels
  • added conditions to ensure proper physics material was read
  • improvements to drive-on audio
  • 4-stroke engine audio re-EQ’ed to sound more “aggressive”
  • change to skid and slip sounds when tied to velocity
  • Fixed audio trigger issue on impacts

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