v2.6 Community Update Patch Notes

Devon Grousis


MX vs ATV All Out v2.6 is now live on all platforms
Graphics & Performance Updates
  • PlayStation Pro 4K support added
  • XB1 Base & XB1 S resolution upgraded to 1080p (was 900p)
  • Framerate stability improved on all platforms
  • Major reductions to “hitching” during gameplay
  • Improved lighting in all Indoor environments
  • Improved terrain textures in outdoor environments
  • Improved terrain deformation game-wide
Feature Updates
  • Updated Flying Moto Ranch environment
    • *NEW TRACK* – Added Golden Eagle SX
    • *NEW TRACK* – Added Rolling Hills National
    • New Time of Day variations
Gameplay Updates
  • Re-tuned physics on all tuneable parts
    • Tuneable parts have a greater impact on physics
    • Added Chassis tunable part (affects handling/sensitivity)
    • Removed Clutch as an explicitly tuneable part
  • Re-tuned lower gear ratios for smoother, more reliable shifting when accelerating
  • Decreased tire traction when tuned to the maximum amount
  • Decreased turning friction when leaning forward
  • Various improvements to AI game-wide
General Updates & Misc. Improvements
  • Updated all outdoor environments
    • New Time of Day variations
    • Various updates and improvements to all outdoor tracks
  • Online Match settings saved for duration of the session
  • Updated Engine sounds on 250 2-stroke
  • Additional engine sound and volume improvements
  • Added option to toggle Controller Vibration On/Off in Gameplay Settings
  • Additional controller presets with button shifting
  • Increased Jersey name character limit from 9 to 11
  • Increase chance for BRAAP riders to appear in events
  • Added “Close” camera
  • Added “Drone” camera
  • Added AI Rider Blake Wharton
  • Added AI Rider Dylan Stark
  • Added AI Rider Jayden Vecchio
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed rider falling through the vehicle after a reset
  • Fixed bug causing online client’s split time HUD to disappear after lap 3.
  • Fixed issue in which incorrect times were being posted to leaderboards during online multiplayer
  • Various other bug fixes for online multiplayer
  • Other misc. bug fixes not listed here

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